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Going paperless with parking permits to save precious staff and resident time.

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Mountain House Community Services District (MHCSD) is a rapidly growing, family-oriented community in the San Joaquin Valley of California with a population of approximately 25,000. It’s the type of community where neighbors become friends and friends become family.

The Challenge

As a Master Plan community, Mountain House operates under a set of thoughtfully planned Master Restrictions, one of which is code enforcement for parking and permitting. In order to keep its streets safe, clean, and accessible, Mountain House was seeking a solution for residents to retrieve permits for their non-standard vehicles such as RVs, campers, and trailers. Rather than following the standard print and fill application process, they sought a solution that would drive meaningful efficiency for staff and residents. MHCSD also had a strict set of paramaters that would determine if residents are eligible for a permit – a manual approval process would take up a lot of staff time. 

The Kaizen Approach

In less that two months, the Kaizen team architected a stunning digital application for residents to apply for a permit, upload proof of residency, and receive instant confirmation and approval via email. Best of all, the application runs an automatic check to confirm permit eligibility and includes a intuitive manager dashboard for MHCSD staff to easily monitor permits and access rich analytics.

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