Collaborative, by design

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Working together to achieve real success


For the community,
 by the community

First things first, we sit down with your team (and maybe some local residents) to have an open discussion. At this stage, we want to get a firm understanding of your community’s unique needs and pain points. Why? Because we know everyone is different, and that our solutions need to be tailored to your city — not the other way around.
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Beautifully collaborative

Only once we’ve figured out your city’s unique requirements and overarching goals do we start building. At this stage, we’ll work collaboratively with your team to create bespoke products and integrations that solve real problems. Oh, and because everything is flexible and designed to evolve over time, you can rest assured that if anything changes, so will the software.
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Deployment & Longevity

Built for the long-term

At Kaizen, we think long-term. Once a product ships, we don’t say goodbye and good luck. No: our goal is to establish meaningful partnerships with your city over the following weeks, months, and years. It’s this approach that allows us to make continuous improvements to your digital experiences. So everything stays up-to-date and modern, at no extra cost.

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Our pricing philosophy

At Kaizen, we anchor all financial incentive around the continued success of the platform we serve — whether that’s your resident permitting portal, recreation management platform, or anything else.

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Fair pricing

We align on a cost-sharing basis and never charge exorbitant fees. Our belief is that everything should be open and transparent.

Fewer costs

On top of that, we assume all costs around hosting, hardware, training, and technical support, so you can allocate resources elsewhere.
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Continuous improvements and updates are in our DNA. We’ll never charge you for product iterations of any kind.
Makenna Shaw
Assistant City Manger
Working with Kaizen has been an incredibly painless and enjoyable experience.
See full case study
“Working with Kaizen has been an incredibly painless and enjoyable experience.”
See full case study
“The application has been running smoothly since day one, without a single hitch.”
See full case study
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