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Customer Story

A transformative recreation project after 16 years of a single system.

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Weymouth, Massachusetts, located just south of Boston, is a historic town known for its maritime heritage, coastal landscapes, and vibrant community. With a mix of historical charm and modern amenities, Weymouth offers its 60,000 residents a welcoming environment and easy access to urban conveniences complemented by an array of local parks and facilities.Weymouth & Kaizen Team

The Challenge

For almost 16 years, the Weymouth Parks & Recreation department relied on an out-dated recreation software that constantly crashed, frustrated residents, and suffered from poor user experiences that drove inefficiencies for staff during critical periods like camp registrations.

The Kaizen Approach

With the help of the department’s forward-thinking and passionate Director, Stephen Reilly, the Kaizen team was given a chance to completely revamp the entire system that powered the department for almost two decades.

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