Resident Permits

Resident permitting, made easy

Create a modern interface to generate resident permits. Make it easy for people to acquire and pay for them, then never look back.

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Make it easy to acquire critical permits, licenses, and other documentation — for every resident need.
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Always evolving

Enjoy unlimited product updates, at no extra cost. So you can keep making residents happy, without a worry.
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Easy to track

Keep track of the number of permits or licenses granted to residents with simple analytics and reporting.
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Kind to your bottom line

Improve efficiency across your organization, make cost savings, and boost revenue.

One, simple flow for your residents

Create a seamless browsing experience

Show all available permits within your city. Add new permits over time, and remove any that are no longer available.

Just some of the permits we cover
  • Parking permits

  • Fishing licenses

  • Special events permits

  • Farmer’s market permits

  • Camping permits

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Build a simple booking flow

Empower residents with a fast, intuitive booking experience that makes it easy to acquire permits in just a few taps.

Make it easy to pay

Create a seamless checkout experience. Embed payments processing into your website and accept all major payment methods.

Makenna Shaw
Assistant City Manger
Working with Kaizen has been an incredibly painless and enjoyable experience.
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“Working with Kaizen has been an incredibly painless and enjoyable experience.”
See full case study
“The application has been running smoothly since day one, without a single hitch.”
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“Working with Kaizen throughout the implementation process has been a breeze.”
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