Freedom, by design

Each product we create is a result of collaborative engagement. We’ll work with you to understand your city’s unique needs, leaning on your expertise to craft solutions that work for your community — not anyone else’s.

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Customize our products to fit your needs. We'll start by listening to your needs (and what problems you're looking to solve) before we build anything.
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Build beautiful, easy-to-use digital experiences for your residents. And make it simple for them to connect with your city and everything it has to offer.
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Scale your digital presence with evolving feature sets. We take care of the front-end and the back-end — giving you everything you need to maintain channels in the long run.

One platform, every building block

Form submissions

A customizable form template for citizen engagement, general inquiries, permit applications, or anything else.


Seamless booking and registration flows, helping residents quickly reserve anything in less than a minute.

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Simple, secure payment integrations and processing, making it easy for people to pay for your services.

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Analytics and reporting

Administrator interfaces to add new information, track channels, view analytics, and create reports.
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Customer service widgets

Robust customer service widgets and staff to empower your city administrators.
Makenna Shaw
Assistant City Manger
Working with Kaizen has been an incredibly painless and enjoyable experience.
“Working with Kaizen has been an incredibly painless and enjoyable experience.”
“The application has been running smoothly since day one, without a single hitch.”
“Working with Kaizen throughout the implementation process has been a breeze.”
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Castle Pines
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Now, what to build