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Located just 20 miles south of Denver, nestled amidst the scenic splendor of Colorado’s Front Range, sits the Town of Parker. As a vibrant and growing municipality, Parker showcases a rich tapestry of cultural events, outdoor adventures, and a strong sense of community amongst its roughly 60,000 residents.

The Challenge

Each year, the Town of Parker hosts a variety of community events that contribute to the social, economic, and environmental health and well-being of the community. For these events to occur, event organizers are required to submit a Community Event Permit application that must be reviewed and approved by Town staff.

The current system was outdated and difficult to use for both applicants and staff, causing unnecessary friction throughout the submission, review, and approval processes.

In response to these challenges, the Town of Parker embarked on a mission to revolutionize its Community Event Permitting system. Understanding the vital role these events play in enriching the town’s cultural and social fabric, they sought a partner in Kaizen, understanding our mutual commitment to community enhancement.

The Kaizen Approach

Our team began by conducting a series of collaborative workshops with Town staff and event organizers. This was not just about understanding the technical shortcomings of the current system; it was about immersing ourselves within the community to formulate a set of requirements that would be capable of supporting their most ambitious goals.

The resulting solution is a state-of-the-art special events permitting platform, tailored to the needs unique needs of Parker. The platform includes an intuitive interface, allowing for seamless application submissions and real-time tracking of the approval process. It also features an automated system to coordinate interdepartmental reviews, significantly reducing the workload on staff and expediting decision-making.

Through this collaborative solution, the Town of Parker and Kaizen are setting a new standard in community event management; one that resonates with the town’s dynamic spirit and its continuous pursuit of excellence in serving its residents.